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Jump into the PGC 2023 Fantasy Now!

Prepare yourself for the PUBG Global Championship 2023 Fantasy!

The PUBG Esports official fantasy league is now back with PUBG Esports' supreme teams and players! 

Join us on a journey to win sweet TPs and acquire various rewards!

Read on to learn how to create your PGC 2023 Fantasy team, what the fantasy format is, and what prizes you can win.

PGC 2023  Schedule

PGC 2023 Fantasy will consist of 32 teams in total and five stages. 

  1. Group Stage (November 18 - November 21)
  2. Losers Bracket (November 23 - November 24)
  3. Winners Bracket (November 25 - November 26)
  4. Last Chance (November 27 - November 28)
  5. Grand Finals (December 1 - December 3)


  1. You begin with a $100,000 budget to create a fantasy squad of four active players, each from a different team.
  2. Choose a Captain from your lineup; remember, the Captain receives a 1.3x point boost, so choose wisely!
  3. Finally, pick a Benched player who can step in to accumulate points if one of your active players can't compete.


Participating in PUBG Global Championship 2023 Fantasy and maximizing your points is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create your team for Group Stage Group A
  2. Create your team for Group Stage Group B
  3. Create your team for Group Stage Group A
  4. Create your team for Group Stage Group B
  5. Create your team for Losers Bracket Day 1
    1. Re-pick one active player for Losers Bracket Day 2
  6. Create your team for Winners Bracket Day 1
    1. Re-pick one active player for Winners Bracket Day 2
  7. Create your team for Last Chance Day 1
    1. Re-pick one active player for Last Chance Day 2
  8. Create your team for Grand Finals Day 1
    1. Re-pick one active player for Grand Finals Day 2
    2. Re-pick one active player for Grand Finals Day 3

In other words, you’ll be able to create a completely new team for each day of Group Stage. For the other stages (Losers Bracket, Winners Bracket, Last Chance, and Grand Finals), you'll have the opportunity to create a new team before Day 1 of each stage begins. You can also swap out an underperforming player for a new one and even select a new Captain and Benched player for Day 2 (and 3).

For detailed format, check out the FORMAT in the RULESET tab.


PGC 2023 Fantasy scoring system is straightforward:

  • Your player will score 2 points per kill. 
  • For every point of damage your player inflicts, you will earn 0.01 points, equating to 1 point for every 100 damage. 
  • If your player dies within the first 10 minutes of a match, you will be penalized with -3 points. 
  • Additionally, if your player shows exceptional survival skills and secures Chicken Dinner, he will earn you an additional 5 points.


Participating in the PUBG Global Championship 2023 Fantasy can lead to exciting rewards. In addition to the regular Twire Points (TP), which you can use to get virtual items like G-Coins and Steam Gift Cards at the Twire Fantasy Shop, there are also PGC 2023 Bundles to grab!

And here’s the good part; both TPs and PGC 2023 Bundles are given out based on per-stage leaderboard performance. 

PGC 2023 Bundle distribution works as follows:

  1. The top 5 fantasy players will be awarded the PGC 2023 Mega Bundle.
  2. Fantasy players ranked 6th to 15th will receive the PGC 2023 Emperor's SET 
  3. Fantasy players ranked 16th to 25th will get the PGC 2023 Empress's SET 
  4. Fantasy players ranked 26th to 50th will be given the PGC 2023 Emote.

You can easily view the distribution of prizes on the leaderboards by toggling it in the top right corner:


Tournament start date: November 18, 2023

Tournament end date: December 3, 2023

PGC 2023 broadcast starts every match day at 18:00 ICT

Stay updated with match results and player statistics.

Check the tournament schedule.

Watch the tournament broadcast.