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PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2023: Pick'em Challenge

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

The Pick'em Challenge Challenge for the PUBG Global Championship has arrived!

Equipped with epic prizes to earn, lets take a deep dive to learn how to pick'em and win'em!


Simply jump into the Esports tab by clicking the parachute logo located top right of the main menu. Here, you can learn general information about the PGC 2023 Tournament. You can always click on the button at the bottom left corner to head on to the official PUBG Esports website to see details of the tournament. 

Browse through the Esports tab to participate in Pick'em Challenge!


  • PGC 2023 MEGA BUNDLE (+ 5 VOTING COUPONS, 200,000 EP)
  • PGC 2023 Emperor's SET (+ 2 VOTING COUPONS, 70,000 EP)
  • PGC 2023 Empress's SET (+ 2 VOTING COUPONS, 70,000 EP)

Pick'em Challenge Reward Items

Pick'em and earn Esports Points to win epic items!

  • PGC 2023 Crown Jewel - AWM
  • PGC 2023 Royal - Pan
  • PGC 2023 Crown Jewel - Helmet (Level 3)
  • PGC 2023 Crown Jewel Backpack (Level 3)
  • PGC 2023 Emblem
  • Hairstyle 52    

* 25% of PGC 2023 Skin sales will be distributed to the teams according to their final results.

** Pick'em Challenge is not available for the Console platform. However, all items will be available for purchase from the store.

*** The items shown in this post may reappear through other in-game platforms (such as Your Shop, etc.) and/or events and promotions even after their Store sales periods.

PGC 2023 Pick'em Challenge Schedule

PGC 2023 Pick'em Challenge begins now starting on November 1st! 

Visit in-game store now and you will be able to purchase epic PGC 2023 items and also acquire voting coupons. With your voting coupons, you can participate in PGC 2023 Pick'em challenge to earn precious EPs and also contribute to the grand prize pool to support your favorite team! Your voting coupons will be expired just before the Grand Finals! So it will be wise to plan your picks until the very last moment, but don't forget to cast your picks before the vote closes!

PGC 2023 Item Sales Period

  • PC / Console: November 1st ~ December 13th, UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)

PGC 2023 Pick'em Challenge Voting Period

  • November 1st ~ December 1st, UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00)

PGC 2023 Pick'em Reward Claiming Period

  • December 5th ~ December 13th, UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)

PGC 2023 Pick'em Challenge Details

Now, lets dive into simple, yet challenging PGC 2023 Pick'em Challenge!

Cast your vote to earn sweet EPs. It will be wise to wait until the last moment before the voting closes but don't forget to cast your votes in time before it's too late! 

Event 1: Pick the winner

The first challenge is the classic Pick the Winner game.

Utilize your voting coupons and keen esports insights to predict which teams will have the final top 4 ranking! Your each correct guess can reward you with EP, which you can use to pick up great new PGC 2023 gear in the esports shop.


  • Winner of the Tournament - 300,000 EP
  • 2nd Place - 180,000 EP
  • 3rd Place - 60,000 EP
  • 4th Place - 30,000 EP

Event 2: Team Faceoff

The next challenge is the Team Faceoff.

Choose who you think will win between paired rival teams. The EP prize here varies from 400 to 8000 depending on how weighted the vote tally is, so vote with the pack or take a bigger risk for even more reward!

Free Voting Coupons

Live Streams

  • Tune into PGC 2023 official livesteams for a chance at a special code that grants a free voting coupon!

In-game Event

  • Visit in-game lobby event tab and grab the mission!
  • Couple simple matches will be enough to complete the mission to pick yourself up a free voting coupon!

For the latest PUBG Esports updates, visit and follow @pubgesports on social media.