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PGC 2023 Participating Teams & Group Stage Announcement


Dear fans,

We regret to inform you that there was an error in our earlier announcement image regarding the PGC 2023 Group Stage team placements:

  • Twisted Minds should be in Group B, not Group A.
  • Danawa e-sports should be in Group A, not Group B.

We deeply apologize for the confusion caused.

For further clarity and transparency, we are sharing an image of our pre-planned ‘Snake Draft’ Group Stage placement methodology.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

After a year of fierce competition, the best squads from all around the world have finally granted their tickets to the end-of-the-year premier, PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Today, we are honored to announce the top 32 teams of the PGC 2023!

PGC 2023 Participating Teams

Group Stage

The teams have been balanced out into two groups, Group A & B, based on their accumulated PGC points.

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