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Introducing 2024 PUBG Esports Items!

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

As we gear up for the thrilling 2024 season, let's take a moment to preview the spectacular PUBG Esports items on the horizon!

PUBG Esports Team Edition Skins 2024

In the 2024 season, PUBG Esports will unveil three distinct collections of Team Edition Skins. Our 10 Global Partner Teams will be showcased across three batches: the first featuring 3 teams, followed by batches of 4 and 3.

This April, brace yourselves for the release of team Edition Skins representing the first 3 teams. Subsequent collections will drop in June and October. Keep an eye out for updates on these eagerly anticipated team Edition Skins!

The PGC 2023 Champion's Skins

This year, we will be once again having special edition skins commemorating the grand champions of PGC 2023: Danawa e-sports!

We are expecting to be available to present our champion's skins on coming August. Stay Tuned!

PUBG Nations Cup & PUBG Global Championship Items

PNC 2024 and PGC 2024 will also feature exclusive skins themed around these prestigious tournaments.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of tournament-themed skins as we approach these epic events!