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Watch PGC 2023 live and earn G-Coins!

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

The ultimate PUBG esports event of the year - the PUBG Global Championship 2023 is set to unfold from November 18 to December 3 in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Tune into PGC 2023 live on our official channels for a chance to win a whopping 5,000 G-Coins! Throughout the PGC 2023, an astounding 20,000,000 G-Coins will be up for grabs as part of our special giveaway!

How to earn G-Coins

Just dive into official PGC 2023 broadcasts and witness the exciting batteroyale showdown of the finest PUBG Esports teams. Keep your eye out for special codes released during the live stream. Act quickly to redeem these codes - they're available on a first-come, first-served basis due to their limited quantity!

Pro Tip: Watch out for two unique coupon code drops during each live stream!

  • Coupon 1: Grab your chance to win 400 G-Coins daily throughout the tournament!

  • Coupon 2: From the Group Stage to the Winners/Losers Brackets, scoop up 800 G-Coins each day. The stakes get higher with the Last Chance stages offering 3,000 G-Coins and the Grand Finals featuring a grand prize of 5,000 G-Coins!

Special Note: The opening day of the PGC 2023 Group Stage will feature an exclusive 3,000 G-Coins giveaway, instead of the usual 800!

Where to watch

To find the official broadcasting channels for your region, simply click on the link below to head on to our previous PGC 2023 Broadcasting Channels and Talents announcement. 
Don't miss out on this epic esports spectacle!

PGC 2023 Broadcasting Channels and Talents announcement