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PGC 2023 Broadcasting Channels and Talents

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

The PUBG Global Championship is only about a week away! 

PGC 2023 will be providing English Broadcast for global PUBG Esports audience with multiple other languages with our best PUBG Esports talents and casters.

Scroll down to find out live broadcast links for your region.

PUBG Global Championship Calendar

Group Stage

  • November 18 - 21

Losers Bracket

  • November 23 - 24

Winners Bracket

  • November 25 - 26

Last Chance

  • November 27 - 28

Grand Finals

  • December 1 - 3

Broadcast Time

  • All matches are expected to start at 18:00 ICT local time. (11:00 UTC / 12:00 CET / 20:00 KST / 03:00 PST)

Where to watch PUBG Global Championship LIVE broadcasts:

Experience the PGC 2023 live broadcast at, now featuring our multi-view system. Dive into the action not only through the main broadcast but also by selecting from a map view and team feeds of your preferences!

Currently, we offer an exclusive selection of 6 team feeds, and we're committed to expanding this feature. PUBG Esports is dedicated to evolving and enhancing your battle royale spectating experience. Share your feedback with the PUBG Esports community — we're excited to hear your thoughts!

PUBG Esports Official Broadcasts

In addition to Global (English) streaming, PGC 2023 broadcasts in additional languages as shown below!

Regional Broadcast & Channels