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Road to PGC 2023: Mid-season Update

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

As we enter the second half of the year, we would like to provide you with an update on the roadmap for 2023.

Calendar Update: What's coming up next?

The second lineup of PUBG Regional Series events will now become regional qualifiers for PGS 2. We're excited for regions to share more information about their plans for these qualifiers shortly, and we can't wait to see top squads from around the world embark on the Road to Riyadh!

We are also looking forward to celebrating global rivalries on the Battlegrounds even sooner than previously announced. The PUBG Nations Cup 2023 will be shifting forward one month from October to September - be sure to mark your calendars.

The final Regional Series will take place around October, where teams will compete for their last chance to earn PGC points and secure their participation in the year-end event, the PUBG Global Championship 2023.

PGS 2 Qualifier, powered by Gamers8

Krafton has been actively seeking collaboration with various third-party organizations, with a particular focus on fostering the overall growth of the Esports industry. In line with this, PUBG Esports has partnered with Gamers8 for the PUBG Global Series 2.

This partnership aims to provide better opportunities not only for our fans but also for our players and teams. As a result, we have decided to combine the regional series with PGS 2 under a single brand package with a dramatically increased prize pool of $2,000,000.

PGS 2 Qualifiers will commence on June 23rd, where a total of 24 teams from five separate regions to be qualified for the main tournament, PGS 2.

Here's the breakdown of the five regions with their allocated PGS 2 slots.

  • AMERICAS: 4 Teams (3 Qualified Teams + 1 Global Partner Team)
  • APAC: 6 Teams (6 Qualified Teams)
  • CHINA: 5 Teams (2 Qualified Teams + 3 Global Partner Team)
  • EMEA: 5 Teams (2 Qualified Teams + 3 Global Partner Team)
  • KOREA: 4 teams (3 Qualified Teams + 1 Global Partner Team)

More detailed information on how to participate in the PGS 2 Qualifiers and more will be available on your region's PUBG Esports website or social channels soon.

Also, don't forget to visit PUBG Esports' official website to check out the latest S.U.P.E.R ruleset v4.0.0, with updated details on the ranked mode alignment & new maps, to prepare yourself for upcoming tournaments!