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PUBG Global Championship 2024 Wild Card - Host City Seed Announcement

*24.06.07 - added a team comparison condition

Hello PUBG Players and Esports Fans,

We're excited to announce that the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2024 will be hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Find out how to represent yourselves as the Malaysia's finest at PGC 2024.

What is a Wild Card Seed?

The PUBG Global Championship 2024 introduces a unique Wild Card - Host City Seed, granting a special invitation to a team from the host region.

How to acquire the Wild Card Seed

To qualify for the Wild Card Seed, teams must:

  1. Be a Malaysian Team.
  2. Compete in Second half of PUBG Esports official tournaments and achieve notable results. 
  3. Teams that get the highest PGS Points will be the Wild Card Seed.
    1. If all MY teams didn't score PGS Points, compare with PGC Points.
    2. If all MY teams didn't score PGC Points, the best performed team in PGS APAC Qualifiers 2024 Phase 2 - Playoff will be the Wild Card Seed.
    3. If all MY teams didn't qualify to PGS APAC Qualifiers 2024 Phase 2, the best performed team in PMS 2024 Phase 2 will be the Wild Card Seed.

To begin joining in second half of PUBG Esports official tournaments, learn more about the PUBG Master Series 2024 Phase 2. Please visit our official website

Qualification Criteria for Malaysian Teams:

Teams wishing to represent Malaysia must meet all following criteria:

  1. Player Composition: As stipulated in S.U.P.E.R rule 3.3, at least 50% of the team's players must be legal citizens or permanent residents of the region from which the team is registering. This means your team must include at least two Malaysian players.

  2. Ownership: At least one of the owners or investors of the team must be from Malaysia. This individual can also be a player.

  3. Commitment: Teams must commit to remaining active in the PUBG Esports scene at least until the end of the current year, extending through PGC 2024.

  4. Branding Stability: Teams are not allowed to change their logo, team name, or roster prior to PGC.

Join us in Kuala Lumpur for an unforgettable battle to claim the championship title! Embrace this opportunity to showcase your skills on an international stage.

Keep an eye on and our social media for all the latest news and updates.

Looking forward for Malaysian Team's great performance on PGC 2024!