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PUBG Esports: 2024 Global Partner Team Application Announcement

Hello PUBG Esports Fans.

As the finest 16 teams prepare themselves for the final battleroyale at PGC 2023 Grand Finals, the PUBG Esports team has been gearing up for an exciting phase in its competitive journey. After a comprehensive review of the Global Partner Team Program 2023, we are now set to embark on the selection process for the 2024 edition. 

Recap: Global Partner Team Program 2023 

The 2023 season saw our eight Global Partner Teams playing a pivotal role in the PUBG Esports ecosystem. These teams not only showcased their skills in various PUBG Esports promotions but also contributed invaluable insights and feedback for the improvement of in-game systems. As a token of our appreciation and recognition of their efforts, these partners received direct seeds to the PUBG Global Series and exclusive team-branded items.

Drawing from a year's worth of experience and success, PUBG Esports will be expanding the Global Partner Team program by including 2 additional teams, raising the total to 10. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to grow and nurture the PUBG Esports community.

Global Partner Team Applications

To ensure the continued excellence and commitment of our existing partners, the 8 current Global Partner Teams will undergo a re-evaluation process. This will help maintain the high standards of our program and ensure that our partners are aligned with the evolving dynamics of PUBG Esports.

Prospective teams will be assessed on three key criteria: Governance (20%), Fandom (60%), and History (20%). 

  • In the Governance category, we will be looking into the overall status of the team such as stability, future commitment plans and legal structure of the organization.
  • Next, we will be evaluating the Fandom category of the teams. Here, we will weight team's value and presence to PUBG Esports' audience. The weight of the Fandom category has been increased by 20% compared to last year's criteria.
  • Last but not least, History. Here, we will be looking at the team's overall history in PUBG Esports such as previous participation records in PUBG Esports events and the general health of the players & coaching staffs.

This comprehensive evaluation will help us in selecting teams that not only excel in performance but also resonate with our global community.

When will the selection begin?

We are excited to announce that the selection process for the 2024 Global Partner Team program begins NOW.

Click on the following link to apply for the PUBG Esports 2024 Global Partner Team program 

After the initial screening process, PUBG Esports team will be go through a internal evaluation where we expect to announce our 2024 Global Partner Teams during mid-January 2024.

As we move forward, PUBG Esports remains committed to fostering a vibrant and competitive environment. We eagerly await the participation of new teams and the continued excellence of our existing partners.