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Competitive Ruling: PGC 2023 Last Chance - Match 10

Competitive Ruling: PGC 2023 Last Chance - Match 10 


During the PGC 2023 Last Chance Stage, Match 10 witnessed an unexpected incident where all four players from team "Question Mark" were disconnected due to an unforeseen power failure.

Subsequent investigations revealed that a sudden surge in the power supply, coupled with an unforeseen failure of UPS equipment was the cause. This malfunction led to a chain reaction to nearby teammates' power systems also disabling their systems. 


The decisions taken by KRAFTON match officials immediately following this incident were challenging, but the action taken was guided by the PGC 2023 rules, specifically:

  • Section 12.10.1 (Early-Match Disconnection)
  • Section 12.10.2 (Large-Scale Disconnection)
  • Section 12.11 (Compensation Point, "CP")


According to the rules, a rematch can be considered if disconnections happen during the early stages of a match or in cases of large-scale disconnections (affecting more than 10 players). The recent incident did not meet these criteria; hence, no rematch was announced.

Additionally, the current rules do not allow the awarding of Compensation Points (CPs) under any circumstances, and changes to the rules during the tournament period are not feasible.


The KRAFTON Esports team acknowledges the need to add depth to the rulebook to cover force majeure situations in the future and will work diligently to refine these ahead of the 2024 season.